Creative Ways to Add More Storage to Your Space

Are you busy decluttering? Do you want in on the Marie Kondo** trend sweeping the nation? Have you started picking up your belongings and saying “does this spark joy?” Throwing out old stuff to start the new year is the new trend. But maybe there’s another way for you to keep your treasured possessions … but still declutter your space.


Finding new ways to add storage space to your home might be the next best thing to Marie Kondo’ing your life. Read on to learn about five creative ways to add new storage space in your home.


**Don’t know who Marie Kondo is? She’s the Japanese tidying up expert, best-selling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and star of Netflix’s binge-worthy show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.




Built-in shelving and cabinets have been around for decades, but the new trend is to find creative ways to add shelving in unexpected spaces.


Consider adding hidden storage shelves under your stairs.



Or why not add a built-in bench seat (with storage) and shelving around your window.



Even a blank wall can be enhanced by a built in; just by adding a few bookshelves and decorative trim you can create new useable space.


What you put in your shelving is up to you. We’ve seen everything from books to built-in dog beds. Get creative and make your space work for you.




Cupboards and closets


One area that frequently gets overlooked when it comes to creating additional storage is actually in the most obvious place to look: in your closet and cupboards.


Of course, you’re already using this space to store things, but are you using the space well? Adding shelving and baskets and hooks can really enhance your storage space.



And don’t forget the back of cupboard doors can be great places to add baskets or hooks to add even more storage.




Try to reimagine your space to make the most of every square inch. Sometimes rooming cupboard doors gives you several more inches of useable space and gives you an industrial modern look … but you have to be willing to keep your space neat and organized to make this look work.





Vertical Space


This storage tip is something New Yorkers have known for decades … make use of your vertical hanging space: it’s valuable unused space. Buying another bookcase or cupboard can take up valuable floor space, but a wall mounted shelf means your space won’t look cluttered, but you still have the added storage.


Don’t underestimate the value of floating shelves.





By adding storage directly to your walls you’ve not only added new space, you’re adding a new visual element to your room. It’s almost like art, but its art with a purpose.


A high shelf around the top of your study or dining room can add storage space for books or infrequently used serving platters.




Other good use of wall space can be bars or peg boards to hang decorative baskets for extra storage … or your favorite pots and pans can be hung on display and become part of your overall room aesthetic.


You should visualize your room in three sections: what goes on the floor, the walls and hanging from/or near your ceiling. All that space is available for you to create even more space if use it creatively.



A storage bed


Remember your mother telling you not to clean your room by stuffing everything under your bed? Well, just this once she was wrong! Storing stuff – clothes, books, even wrapping paper – under your bed might be just the extra-long, wide space you’ve been looking for.


We agree with your mom, don’t just start shoving your clothes and shoes under your bed, but do consider a bed with built in storage. There are so many options for you to choose from.





Ottomans, coffee tables and trunks


Your living room has so many extra storage options hiding in plain sight. Turn your ottomans into storage bins for extra blankets or sewing kits. Your coffee table can be a place to store extra books or games. Even a decorative trunk in the corner can be used to store your photo albums or family heirlooms.


Each time you buy a new piece of furniture consider how it can be used to create more space in your living space.




Be creative. Space and design go hand-in-hand … you get to choose how you use your space.

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