Color Psychology

Interior design extends way beyond visual aesthetics. It is about creating a space that could connect with us emotionally. Thus your choice of colors plays a major role in bringing depth to a space. Colors truly stand beyond their physical presence, having a huge impact on the way we feel in a space. Therefore it remains important to understand the way colors determine the mood and ambience of a space.

Based on the psychological effects colors can broadly be divided into three categories. The warmth or coolness of a hue has a great impact on the mood of a space. Warm colors are always associated with energy and strong emotions. On the other hand cool colors have a relaxing and soothing aura. Lastly neutral colors work as complementary colors to bring depth to your space. So it’s important to understand the way we could include these colors into our home for an ultimately pleasant and comfortable experience.


Warm Colors:

Warm colors are known to stimulate our body and mind, bringing about a strong impulse of emotion. Including shades of red, yellow, orange and pink, warm colors can breathe life into any space. The red color rising amidst feeling of love, passion and romance, certainly remains the most dynamic and powerful color. The color can increase our pulse rate, vouching for a stimulating and exciting experience. On the other hand capturing the joy of sunshine, yellow color remains the most vibrant and cheerful color. It is known to promote emotional stability instilling positive energy into the space. Being a shade of red and yellow, the color orange is one of the most energetic and exciting color. It is associated with physical comfort and security. Lastly the color pink is considered as one of the most youthful and refreshing color.

Therefore warm colors can inherently induce a lively and exciting experience. The colors remain a great way to stir up energy into interactive spaces of your house. So the color can certainly serve as a timeless canvas for family gathering in dining room and living area. The stimulating and exciting aura of warm colors can draw people together and spark conversation. However it is important to understand that the colors are heavy on energy, using it in abundance can certainly become overwhelming. So warm hues work best as accent colors. They could be used as a pop up color to make your statement wall stand out. On the other hand a painting or cushions featuring warm colors can certainly add new a life into the space. Thus using warm colors in the right proportion remains the key to instill positive energy into your home.


Cool Colors:
Cool colors are known to relax our mind, inducing a calming and soothing aura into the space. Including shades of blue, green and purple, cool colors are certainly a must have for a tranquil experience in your home. The blue color emerging from the depth of the ocean remains the most serene and peaceful color. It can stimulate clear thought and help us to concentrate. On the other hand being the ultimate color of life and nature, green color remains the most refreshing hue. The eye is known to naturally adapt to the color, featuring as a restful and pleasant color for our mind. In fact shades of green can instantly connect with nature and known to promote health and wellbeing. Lastly known for its mystical and enchanting aura, purple color can certainly enrich the experience of your home. Combining the serenity of blue with the warmth of red, the color can bring drama into your home vouching for ultimately luxurious and opulent space.

Therefore cool colors maintain a strong connection with nature, vouching for a refreshing and soothing experience. The colors are simply perfect for an ultimate escape into the most relaxing and personal spaces of your home. So cool colors in your bedroom vouch for an incredibly pleasant hotel like experience. Similarly using shades of blue and green into your bathroom can create spa like feel in the space. On the other hand soft and refined shades of purple such as lilac and lavender can certainly add warmth and comfort into your bedroom. In fact the entire color scheme of your room can be based on cool colors. Thus cool hues remain the most ideal color palette to bring a relaxing aura into your informal living area. Accents featuring deep shades of cool color such as emerald green, navy blue and royal purple can bring about a rich and luxurious aura into the space to bring depth into your space. Therefore cool colors are ideal to transform your home into an ultimately tranquil and peaceful space.


Neutral colors:

A space could certainly not thrive without neutral colors. Including shades of brown, black and grey, neutral hues work best as complementary colors. It helps in bringing more depth into the space. Brown color deeply rooted within nature remains a warm and inviting color. It is the only neutral color that can bring depth to a room while adding a sense of warmth. On the other hand powerful aura of black color allows for ultimate sophistication and glamour. Being a neutral color black absorbs all the energy, vouching for an introvert yet ultimately luxurious color. Lastly a touch of the timeless grey color can bring sophistication and elegance. It works great as a complementary color especially with warm hues. The color can tone down the energizing and stimulating effect of warm colors, to instill harmony within the space.

Therefore neutral colors are certainly the most timeless and versatile colors. The colors remain important to add dimension and depth into the space. Brown color combines very well with warm colors. Also the earthy neutral color has a rugged and rustic appeal that can give a unique edge to your space. On the other hand sleek sophistication of black color remains a great way to bring a luxurious charm into the space. Yet grey remains the most popular color to add a contemporary appeal to any traditional space. Further grey is the most practical and timeless color. Being a versatile color it can work in harmony with any hue. So furnishing and accents featuring neutral colors are versatile not restricted to a certain period or style. Thus neutral colors remain a long term investment for an ultimately elegant and sophisticated space.

Thus understanding the function of the space remains important in choosing the perfect color for your home. Warm colors are ideal for formal and interactive spaces, while cool colors work best for informal personal spaces. Finally neutral colors serve as perfect finishing touches for your home, bringing depth to the space. Yet to achieve your desired mood and ambience, you could always combine different colors together. A living room relying heavily on shades of blue can always use a warm color accent to add a spark of energy. Similarly a dining room that has an abundance of warm colors can definitely employ shades of grey to tone down the stimulating effect. Choosing a color that reflects the aura of the space and maintains just the right balance is the key for an ultimately pleasant experience in your home.

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