Top 5 Interior Design trends of 2019

The year, 2019 remains the perfect time for a fresh new start. So instill a new life into your home with ultimately stylish and sophisticated interior design trends of 2019. The trends look beyond bare minimal spaces, promising more rich, inviting and classy interiors. Thus it is certainly the best time to bring rich traditional trends into your home with a unique modern twist. Yet you can simply uplift the mood of your space with contemporary lightning ideas. Bring your own twist and turn to these happening trends to make a powerful design statement in your home.


  1. A rich color palette:

Passion for rich and bright colors had already been witnessed last year. Yet in the year 2019, it is likely to become the most happening interior design trend. Neutral and monotonous spaces with period of time have proven to be dull and oppressive. Thus this year is all about embracing rich and bright colors for an ultimately lively and vibrant interior space. So add a spark of energy into your home with shades of red, orange and pink to give a rich and inviting edge to your space. Therefore when renovating your home this time bid farewell to boring and monotonous grey and brighten up your space with these lively colors.


Yet the most happening color of this year is likely to be refreshing and youthful shades of pink. Breaking gender boundaries this year shades of pink such as blush and dusty pink have gained a new place in bedroom and living area. The soft and refined shade can bring a sense of warmth while instantly giving your space a contemporary update. Yet if you are feeling bold, the ravishing coral pink combining shades of flamingo pink and orange is just the perfect color for you. The contemporary color can add an incredibly vibrant and lively aura into your home. Thus bright and rich colors are the key to an ultimately modern, warm and inviting interior space.


  1. Metallic Brass finishes:

The year, 2019 is all about rich, warm and comfortable interior spaces, thus the cold feel of stainless steel can certainly not do justice. So it’s time to cherish one of the most glamorous and sophisticated metallic finishes. Brass can instantly bring warmth into your space with a unique touch of luxury. A few brass finishes in a room can really uplift the space. Thus brass accents have proven to be the best way to enrich your space for an incredibly luscious and opulent interior space. Brass accessories such as mirrors, lamps or a centerpiece can truly elevate the look of your space. On the other hand a brass light fixture can serve as a unique design feature for your home. So brass accents are certainly the best way to update your bedroom or living area.


Yet brass metallic finishes are predicted to be most popular in kitchen and bathroom. Brass fixture and hardware remains the most efficient way to lift up these compact and functional spaces. Brass faucets can bring an ultimately rich and luxurious aura to the space. Pair it with a few brass accents to add a contemporary edge to your kitchen or bathroom. So this year is the perfect time to awaken your space to the warmth and opulence of brass in the most functional areas of your house.


  1. Floral patterns:

Affection for nature this year is expressed in terms of exclusive floral patterns. So it remains the perfect opportunity to bring vintage inspired patterns back into your home, with a unique contemporary twist. For this year floral patterns are to appear in more dynamic and exaggerated proportion, showcasing a rich color palette. The idea is to present nature I n more dramatic and artistic so that it could serve as the key design feature of your home. Thus do not just restrict floral patterns to your bedding and pillows. In fact this year go big with exquisite floral wallpaper, wood paneling and tiles. So breathe new life into your home with lively and dynamic floral patterns.


  1. Velvet:

The super soft touch of velvet with its subtle shine is certainly an irresistible option for an ultimately stylish, warm and comfortable interior space. Thus with an increased variety of colors, textures and patterns, velvet continues to feature as the top design trend. Also the technological advances have made the maintenance of the velvet easier, vouching for the increased popularity of the material. Yet this year velvets are being admired in a variety of jewel

tones. Emerald green, dusty pink and mustard yellow remain the most popular colors in velvet. These rich shades have proven to give contemporary appeal to even the most classic and traditional sofa and accent chairs. So update your space with the incredibly warm, rich and luscious touch of velvet.

  1. Dual Wall Lights:

In the year, 2019 dual wall lights will certainly steel the limelight. The light fixture has diminished the popularity of pendant lights, showcasing as a unique design feature. The wall fixture lighting both upwards and downwards remains exclusive due to its distinctive design. The fixture is available in a wide range of contemporary styles and designs, and can feature as a unique design detail in the space. Yet the greatest quality of the light fixture remains to highlight wall details and finishes to elevate the entire feel of the space.

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